Put the worrying away…

Photo by Skyline Productions at BRACE 42
So here I am, it’s 8 o’clock on 13 August, and I’m in the car on the way back from BRACE 42 in Canberra. And what a show it was. 18 incredible fighters putting everything on the line to step into the cage and fight. The athleticism, discipline and outright courage emanating from all these fighters is crazy inspiring. And even though I could go on and on about the event, vibe, incredible sportsmanship (there were hugs at the beginning of rounds, yes full on man cuddles) I have to say there was something special about this one…

I’ve been to a lot of fights, but this one hit home (for the few seconds I had to stop and think about it). The weekend followed the normal routine. Another job, another city and another couple fights. From the weigh-in’s to the face-offs, the walkouts and even the first exchange, everything proceeded under ordinary procedures. But about halfway through the night, I heard a familiar phrase. The second I heard one of the coaches say “come on push, this is the last round of your fight, this is the last round!!!” a sort of tingly feeling kinda hit. Actually more than that… I felt like someone hit me over the head with a bat, and suddenly a lot of things made a shit tonne more sense. Over the last six weeks of training, that phrase has been thrown around a couple hundred times. But never has it made me feel the way it did a couple of hours ago.

Coach Thiago says it to us all the time and although I try and visualise being in that situation, and pushing myself past my limits; I’ve never had much of an emotional connection to it. But hearing the coach desperately yell the phrase at his losing fighter put things into perspective and even though it was only a split second, it gave me those butterflies everyone talks about, for the first time in the last 6 weeks. It was exciting and got me to stop for a moment and refocus on the path I’m currently on. I could finally feel slightly saner and more humane as I was able to have some emotions connected to December 10th.


Since the last time I wrote, training has gotten tougher (again), we’ve met new coaches, learnt some funky, killer moves and settled into the routine that is a life that begins at 4 am. However, amongst all of the fun of that it has simply been just that… fun. And don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining about having a good time and seeing the positive in all of this. I’ve been loving starting off the day learning new skills and getting my sweat on and waking up the next morning a little bit sore. But I was starting to get slightly worried about not worrying about what’s hopefully going to happen in less than 4 months (it’s a lot of worrying I know). But getting that epiphany moment earlier today ironically relaxed me so I can chill out, continue going with the flow and enjoying the process and allowed me to put the worrying away for another time :P.

So that’s it for now, 6 weeks done, only 16 to go, and I’m sure it’s going to be a killer.

Thanks for reading and until next time I’m out!!!

Oh and big ups 👍🏽 to Skyline Productions for the pic 💛 Everyone should go check them out for all photography and videography needs 🎥👌🏽

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